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Apple Color Printer


Model: Apple Color Printer
Type: Printer
Category: Apple Color Printer
Year: 1993

Remarks: Seed prototype

Description: Apple demonstrated the “Apple Color Printer” in 1992, but never released it to the public.

In fact, it was a repackaged Canon BJC-820 colour printer, with inferior parts and settings. It was slow and expensive. The reviews of this printer were awful and Apple abandoned the project.

Fun fact: It is a colour printer – but the Apple logo is not even in colour.

This particular printer is boxed as Seed Unit # 7916. The printer is factory sealed and has never been used. The box has slight water damage.

This is a unique printer of which not many still exist; it is rumored that the stocks have been destroyed. We could not find any in collections.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.