The Apple Computer collection

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Digibarn Computer Museum

The DigiBarn Computer Museum seeks to capture personal stories and track technological evolution through a large collection of vintage computer systems, manuals, videos, interviews, and other fossil relics of the “Cambrian explosion” of personal computing that ignited in 1975.

The Vintage Mac Museum

The Vintage Mac Museum is a private, working collection of the pre-Intel Apple Macintosh: 68k and PowerPC Macinti, old Mac software, period advertising and memorabilia. The museum is managed by curator Adam Rosen.

The PC Weenies

Krishna M. Sadasivam, creator of The PC Weenies tech toon, wrote a nice piece about the collection on his blog. Subscribe to his mailer to follow the stories of Bob and his family.

The AAPL Collection

A Dubai-based private collection of vintage Apple products dating back to 1976