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Apple PowerCD


Model: Apple PowerCD
Type: Apple TV
Category: Apple PowerCD
Year: 1993

Remarks: complete with remote and power adaptor and AV-Cable

Description: Introduced in 1993, the Apple PowerCD was a very versatile media player. It was a standalone CD player that you could connect to the TV, speakers, audio-systems or your computer and it could hold batteries for portability.

It was the first consumer-oriented non-computer product that Apple launched. Designed by the division ‘Mac Like Things’, it stands out as a consumer product, which would fit easily in the daily lives of many of its owners. It received a lot of praise in the media and led Apple to create more consumer products such as the Newton, iPod and iPhone.

Today it is a rare collectable and difficult to find, especially complete with the remote control.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.