The Apple Computer collection

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Philippe Poppe

Philippe Poppe, passionate Apple computer collector.


This collection demonstrates how “history” on itselves changes and accelerates. While “antiques” are supposed to be over 100 years old, “collectable” items can now reach tremendous value in a very short span of time. The first computer ever made by apple is not yet half a century old but reaches prices at auction of over half a million euro. Several of the computers here shown, only a few decades old, are traded in multiples of tens of thousands of dollars. 

To be an “antique” – and 100 years old – is indeed not enough to make an object valuable. Many thousands of objects that are even ancient, trade for almost nothing. What is important for collectables is their past role in the history of humanity. And only a few other objects in the recent history of humanity have been so important as the products made by Apple in the short time of it’s existence. 

We hope that this is clearly demonstrated by our Important Items section. It was fun collecting these Apple’s, it was fun making this homepage and I wish it is fun for you to visit. By the way, thanks for the visit and please come again and forward the URL to friends and relatives.

Contact Philippe Poppe

You can contact Philippe Poppe for more information about his collection.  He is always looking forward to get in contact and receive proposals for collaboration.