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Apple VideoPhone Kit


Model: Apple VideoPhone Kit
Type: Camera
Category: Apple VideoPhone Kit
Year: 1996

Description: Released in 1996, the Apple VideoPhone Kit was a specialized video conferencing system for the Macintosh. In order to use the system you need to have one of the AV Macintosh computers, a fast Internet connection and a correspondent with a similar setup.

The system was fantastic for 1996. You could talk in high quality video with other persons around the world and share notes, documents and files at the same time. Many magazines gave it 5 stars and said it was a better and more user-friendly system than all the expensive dedicated videoconferencing system available which costs thousands of dollars to buy and use.

The importance of this VideoPhone Kit is that it made video conferencing available to the masses. Today we are used to videoconference, but in 1996 this was a huge revelation that sparked the revolution in communication we know now. The iSight camera was based on this system.

The Apple VideoPhone Kit is a rare item, as it is not widely known that Apple produced this kit. We traced about 25 of such kits in collections.

The Apple VideoPhone Kit has it original box. This computer is extremely popular among collectors.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.