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PowerPC 5500/275 Directors Edition


Model: PowerPC 5500/275 Directors Edition
Type: all-in-One
Category: PowerPC 5400
Year: 1997
CPU: PowerPC 603e
CPU Speed: 275 MHz
Screen: 15″ Color

Remarks: Upgraded with Sonnet card

Description: This all-in-one computer was released in 1998. It was the top model of its kind. Initially it was made for the education market, but this particular model was released to the general public as the “Directors Edition” computer.

The uniqueness and importance of this computer lays in the fact that it is black. Apple only released 1 other black Macintosh before.

This rare computer is a must for the collection; we could trace 11 such models in modern collections.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.