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Newton Messagepad


Model: Newton Messagepad
Type: handheld
Category: Newton MessagePad
Year: 1993
CPU: ARM 610
CPU Speed: 20 MHz
Screen: 336×240 B&W

Description: The Newton MessagePad was the first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), released in 1993. You can describe it as a handheld communications device with a touch-screen and pen-stylus that allows the user to gather, manage and share information.

The built-in handwriting recognition is the Newton’s most unique ability. It can interpret a user’s handwriting into computer readable text. Other applications included are notes, names, dates, calculator, currency converter, etc…

The MessagePad was very expandable and you could connect it to modems, printers and memory cards.

The original Newton MessagePad is rare. We traced 31 pieces into collections.

The Newton MessagePad is remembered to start a whole new technology industry. The Newton has had a direct influence on innovations in the field, which led to the creation of the iPhone.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.