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20th Anniversary Macintosh


Model: 20th Anniversary Macintosh
Type: all-in-One
Category: 20th Anniversary Macintosh
Year: 1997
CPU: PowerPC 603e
CPU Speed: 250 MHz

Description: Apple’s Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was a limited-edition computer that was released in 1997 in celebration of the 20th birthday of Apple, Inc.

This is not your usual computer; the colour is bronze-gold paint, the keyboard has leather handgrips with a track pad, a stand-up CD-ROM player, LCD display and a separate Bose sound system.

12,000 have been manufactured by Apple and were delivered by a concierge delivery service to their new owners, an exclusive service by Apple only for this computer. It was one of the first desktop computers to feature an LCD display. This computer was the prime inspiration for the flat-screen iMac models.

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh has been featured in countless movies and TV series; it is probably the most famous movie prop from Apple.

It is logical that this is an extremely popular computer among collectors.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.