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Apple IIGS Woz Limited edition


Model: Apple IIGS Woz Limited edition
Type: desktop
Category: Apple IIgs
Year: 1986
CPU: Western Design Center 65C816
CPU Speed: 2.8 MHz

Description: Released on the 10th anniversary of Apple in 1986, the first 10,000 Apple IIGS computers have the signature of Steve Wozniak on the front.

The Apple IIGS is a continuation of the earlier Apple II line. The GS stands for Graphics and Sound and it had the best graphics and sound at the time of its release. It was fully compatible with all the software written for the Apple II and it featured a new operating system that could handle the graphics and sounds easily.

The computer had a very large fan base but unfortunately it died quietly because it could not match the success of the Macintosh computers.

It is not very rare, but a must have for the collector. It features the signature of Steve Wozniak and it is one of the two only released anniversary computers by Apple.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.