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Macintosh Portable (backlit screen)


Model: Macintosh Portable (backlit screen)
Type: laptop
Category: Portable
Year: 1991
CPU: 68000
CPU Speed: 16 MHz
Screen: 9.8″ Monochrome

Remarks: with backlight (Seed 3201) – prototype

Description: The Macintosh Portable was the “first” laptop from Apple. It featured a monochrome LCD screen, hard disk, built-in keyboard and trackball. The battery lasted for 10 hours and you could use it without recharging during a trans-American flight from the East to the West Coast.

The Portable was produced in 2 versions, the first version of 1990 had a non-backlit screen, making viewing rather difficult. The second version of 1991 fixed this problem and was released with a backlit screen.

This Portable is remembered as the first commercial off-the-shelf computer to be used in space and the first one to send an email from space to earth in 1991: aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The Macintosh Portable in this collection is a “Seed Unit #3201”, a computer used by Apple to demonstrate its capabilities.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.