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Macintosh IIfx


Model: Macintosh IIfx
Type: desktop
Category: Macintosh II
Year: 1990
CPU: 68030
CPU Speed: 40 MHz

Remarks: battery missing

Description: The Macintosh IIfx was introduced in 1990.

It was dubbed the “Wicked Fast” Mac because it was so fast for its time that it was unrivalled for many years to come.

It had a 40Mhz chip, which was twice as fast as usual and the memory could be expanded from 4MB to 128MB, which only ‘super’ computers had. It also had separate chips for sound and communications, which was the same processor as in the Apple II computers.

Software had to be specially written for the IIfx in order to take advantage of all the technology.

The Macintosh IIfx is important because it was such major leap forward in technology power.

The computer is now rare; we could only trace 25 pieces in collections.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.