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G4/450 Cube


Model: G4/450 Cube
Type: desktop
Category: Cube
Year: 2000
CPU: PowerPC 7400 (G4)
CPU Speed: 450 MHz

Remarks: included powersupply.

Description: The ultimate design icon of Apple: the G4 Cube. The New York Museum of Modern Art holds a G4 Cube as part of its collection. A statement not yet equaled by any other electronic product.

The Cube was sold from 2000 to 2001. It was popular among business people for its small desk factor and powerful features.

WIRED magazine published a series of articles about its cult popularity.

In the Star Trek movies, set builders used the G4 Cube to power the computer consoles of the Star Trek Enterprise ship.

The G4 Cube became a rare computer due to its popularity among Arts & computer collectors. It is an important model to have in a collection.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.