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Apple QuickTake 100


Model: Apple QuickTake 100
Type: camera
Category: Apple QuickTake 100
Year: 1994

Description: Apple’s first digital camera, released in 1994, started the digital photography revolution.

The QuickTake 100 was easy to use and took good quality pictures. Limited by today’s standards, it opened doors to what we now know as a digital camera. It was never intended by Apple to replace film cameras, but it was a natural evolution that was started by Apple.

TIMES listed the QuickTake 100 in its ALL-TIME 100 gadgets. It currently occupies the first place in the camera section of the list.

Today, it is very hard to find a complete set with cables, carry bag and software. Very few of this icon still exist.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.