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Apple II Bell & Howell


Model: Apple II Bell & Howell
Type: desktop
Category: Apple Bell & Howell
Year: 1979
CPU: SynerTek 6502
CPU Speed: 1 MHz

Description: Bell & Howell was an education-oriented company. It sells audio/visual equipment for classroom use.

The Bell & Howell computer was a re-packaged Apple II plus computer, released in 1979. Apple is given full credit for the computer. The inside is exactly the same as an Apple II plus. The casing is beige painted black, and the brown keyboard has been replaced with a black keyboard.

Small modifications have been added to the computer to make it easier and safer to use. Tools have been created to assist computer neophytes.

The Bell & Howell Disk drive was exactly the same as an Apple drive, only painted in black to match the computer.

Included in the collection are the hardware and software manuals and the product warranty.

This computer is very much sought after by collectors.

This item is part the Philippe Poppe Apple computer collection.